1. NetBeans


  NetBeans was principally written for Java, but later code can be written in PHP, HTML5, C++, and many more. The package for PHP includes symfony framework support, zend framework support, code fixing, PHP unit testing, and code analysis.

  2. Aptana


  With Aptana, you can construct web apps effortlessly and speedily. It employs the litheness of Eclipse and completely functions as a commanding web development engine.

  3. Bluefish


  Bluefish is a very influential code editor intended to web developers and coders, with supple selections to build websites, scripts and programming codes. It supports many languages like XML, PHP, Perl, Ada, ASP.net, SQL, Python, MediaWiki, C/C++, and many more.

  4. Eclipse


  Eclipse is one of the best multi-language editors for lettering code. It supports languages like Scala PHP, Fortran, Ruby on Rails, Ruby, COBOL, Python, Erland, and many more.

  5. Emacs


  Emacs is a great extensible and customizable code editor. Preliminary form of Emacs was created by Richard Stallman in 1976. It also has the capability to print and setup forms such as word processor

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