Circular Countdown jQuery Plugin – MORE INFO / DEMO


  The circular shaped countdown plugin is used in white background. Faded red is used for days, faded orange is for hour, faded saffron is for minute and faded yellow is for second. The full round of filling color means one unit. If the circle of second becomes full of color then it stands for one second.

  Coconut – Jquery Countdown Plugin – MORE INFO / DEMO


  Here 4 different circles of different sizes are used. Smallest circle is used for days and the size increases with hours, minute and second respectively. Dark brown color is used in the rounds and the background is faded green.

  Dynamic Countdown with Counter – MORE INFO / DEMO


  No box or circle is used in this format. Only the digits are used in this format. Countdown is made in the reverse direction with the decrease of the digits. Theme color and the background can be set as per your choice.

  JBMarket Circular Countdown – MORE INFO / DEMO


  We can see this type of countdown timer in the websites which are under construction. Here circular countdown divisions are used instead of square box. The circle of day, hour, minute and second is in different colors. Mainly red used for day, blue is for hour, green is for minute and yellow is for second.

  LuxCountdown – MORE INFO / DEMO


  Many boxes are used here with default color theme. The colors are blue, yellow, pink, orange, green and sky blue. Matrix theme is also available here. One other theme is Steel theme.

  Easy Countdown – MORE INFO / DEMO


  This comes in an array of color themes and is ideal for websites that are going to launch. It does not require a database and you also can integrate social icons. In addition, a contact form can be integrated, so that web visitors can send queries before the launch of the site.

  jsCountdown – MORE INFO / DEMO


  This jQuery countdown comes in 14 different skins. It also has a png format template file that you can make your own. It is easy to setup and does not require a JavaScript library or CSS file. It can be used to display a message or redirect web visitors to a different webpage when the counter reaches zero.

  Broadcast Countdown Widget – MORE INFO / DEMO


  If you run a WordPress site, you will love this widget! You can add countdown header text as well as finish text after the countdown reaches zero. You can set the timer for recurring events and comes with a jQuery date and time picker to make selection easy and convenient.

  Premium jQuery Script

  It is a modern and useful countdown script. There are the individual boxes for day, hour, minutes and second. The countdown is calculated in the digital system. Here are some of the premium scripts.

  JavaScript Animated Counter – MORE INFO / DEMO


  This is a JavaScript counter that is simple but eye-catching because of the animation. It can be used to present increasing or decreasing values, such as total income or the total number of visitors. It also can be used as date and time or text display or even as a clock. It can be used for campaign and product launches to show the time remaining before the launch.

  Fancy Countdown – jQuery plugin – MORE INFO / DEMO


  This is a jQuery plugin that can be customized. It is extremely easy to use and you also can set a target date with a specific time zone. This plugin has a rather extensive API.

  jQuery Plugin – KK Countdown – MORE INFO / DEMO


  This plugin is free and can be used to countdown to a particular date in the future. It is simple, but effective. It shows days, hours, minutes and seconds.

  Littlewebthings CountDown – MORE INFO / DEMO


  Although a JavaScript animated countdown, it is compatible with jQuery and easy to integrate. It is easily skinable and comes with start, stop and reset functionalities. It also allows you to omit the week from countdown if you like.

  jQuery Countdown Plugin by David Walsh -MORE INFO / DEMO

  This plugin is similar to the one in file sharing sites, such as RapidShare and MegaUpload. However, this particular plugin animates the CSS font of the second and offers visitors a little reward at the end.

  jQuery Countdown plugin that doesn’t sucks! – MORE INFO


  Although in the Beta phase, this jQuery countdown plugin offers great animation. The developer wants to include a callback in the future and other interesting functionalities and features. It is just 7.5K in size.

  Countdown Time jQuery Plugin by Web Muse -MORE INFO

  This simple jQuery countdown plugin allows you to see the countdown for a specific date. It can be used for product launches or campaigns. It uses JavaScript to update the seconds in the countdown and when the time reaches zero, it stays at zero rather than going into minus.

  Countdown / Construction page – MORE INFO / DEMO


  It is the classical countdown meter with black background. It looks like a digital calendar and digits are decreased with time.

  Coming soon landing page – MORE INFO / DEMO


  It is another classical countdown meter and looks like the analog version. It is used in the landing page of the website.

  FlipTimer – MORE INFO / DEMO


  It comes with 8 beautiful color themes that are ready to use. Even the template is attractive and it comes with a contact form that visitors can fill out for queries.

  Free jQuery Countdown Scripts

  Here is a list of the free countdown scripts that you can use on your site.

  jQuery Countdown – MORE INFO


  This particular plugin can show the countdown to a given time. There are many different options to choose from and all options come with examples as well as codes.

  Countdown – MORE INFO


  This is a rather flexible JavaScript flip clock that can be used with or without images. You can countdown days, hours, minutes and seconds.

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